Technology That Tutors: Best Practices for Teaching

Hello Colleagues

What are your best practices for teaching?

As faculty, we are challenged with addressing all the needs of our students, while keeping the three main teaching strategies in mind: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Using the blog offers us the ability to appeal to our students to advance their learning as part of their effective learning strategies.

For visual learners, the ability to integrate videos, graphics, and text offers an opportunity to connect teaching concepts with content delivery. Technology also affords students the ability to watch videos again and again, or reread text blog posts over and over to reinforce learning through repetition.

By varying our teaching strategies, we can also create and maintain interest and engagement for a student to avoid boredom, apathy, and lack of excitement. Think of the possibilities if we faculty learn to use technology that can tutor our students as well as to increase the love of learning as part of the process.

Please share your practices as I would love to learn more!

My best,

Dr. C

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