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Are you tired of answering the same questions over and over for your students? Don’t you wish you could clone yourself to be in many places at once?  Let me show you the many wonderful things you can do using the blog as part of your teaching best practices!

The many features of this e-book include the options for the integration of technology with these benefits for faculty:

    • (a) Shorten one’s learning curve by someone (Dr. Cheryl Lentz) who has already learned to integrate the blog as a successful learning tool
    • (b) Add value to your teaching and training practices
    • (c) Create and strengthen the academic learning community by connecting lessons across curriculum and classes
    • (d) Leverage time (Chapter 3) by scaling your efforts in creating a blog post or video once with the ability to use over and over again for many different classes now and in the future, personalize the lesson plan for a particular class needs, and offer multiple platforms of text, video, or audio platforms for redundancy and reinforcement of learning.

The features of the blog also offer these benefits to students:

    • (a) enhance student learning through repetition offering multiple playbacks at the student’s discretion where, when, and how often they may need or like
    • (b) offer teaching techniques (andragogy) to the 3 main learning types: visual (learn by seeing [transcripts]), auditory (learn by hearing), and nearly real time kinesthetic (learn by doing)
    • (c) protect student privacy by offering self-directed learning.

The features of the blog also offer these benefits to administrators where universities can:

    • (a) Meet the desires of new and current students to attend a school with cutting edge technologies offered by faculty in both content and content delivery and process
    • (b) Meet the needs of assessment by confirmation of student learning using enhanced technologies
    • (c) Meet budgetary needs by integrating efficient use of technology.

In addition to these wonderful benefits, to help you get you started, this e-Book includes a Thank you Bonus of my favorite list of Plug Ins as my gift to you.

The cost for all these benefits is only $5.99. Yes—that’s it! ALL this value for the price of a cup of coffee. Please select your favorite e-version below—the Adobe .PDF file for any of your e-devices or perhaps you may prefer one of the Kindle devices.

Buy your version today!!

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I hope you enjoy our journey together! Please be sure to share your comments as we are interested to share your experiences. We learn together!

With respect,

Dr C



Dr. Cheryl Lentz


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